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Welcome to Nutritionworks! – bringing you the latest information on vitalising, wholesome and delicious food in an informative and enjoyable way.

Nutritionworks is run by Lin Ducker and Suzanne Laurie - both have degrees in Nutritional Therapy, both are passionate about food. Nutritionworks allows us to share that passion and offer relaxed, practical, yet truly educational nutrition workshops and cooking demonstrations to those who wish to share our enthusiasm and knowledge about the healing and protective power of food.

Nutritonworks is based on the following principles:
- Foods should be eaten in as natural state as possible so they can work with, not against, the body
- Food interacts directly with the body – either positively or negatively – understanding these reactions helps us make the right choices
- Food should be fun, both in the cooking and the eating
- Food should be delicious – life is too short to compromise on taste, but it may be even shorter if you compromise on nutritional value. Food is one place where you can have it all!

Anyone can cook delicious and healthy food whilst understanding the health giving value of the food we eat – let us show you how!